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Psychic Services
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~ Journal~

Gain insight into the spiritual pathway by learning about my  "Psychic Secrets" order your copy $20

~MEDITATION~ "Healing Journey"

Asclepius, the Greek father of medicine and surgery guided me to create this healing meditation. He leads you to the temple of healing where he and his practioners provide peace and reassurance while you their blissful healing energy. This is a beautiful experience.

Cost : $15 This is emailed to you as a Audio file








PSYCHIC SECRETS - Journal of Discovery





In Person: one-hour appointments (Minimum)

Monday to Friday 10.30am, 12 & 1.30pm $160                

Out of those hours -  $180, Public holidays/weekends - $200

$30 for every 15 minutes after the reading time.

Add $15 for any recorded Reading (Recording can be emailed to you).

E-Mail: 30min $100, 60min $180

Phone: 30min $100, 60min $180   

Email and Phone Readings must be booked and paid for in advance via internet banking or Pay Pal. Bank details are supplied at time of booking.  

Should you need to re-schedule your appointment, please give at least 48hrs notice.

Client phones me on (09) 483 5556 / 021 037 3000 (WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger) at the appointment time for their Phone Reading. 

Please arrive for an In-Person Reading at the appointed time.  If you are early, I may be with a client and unable to answer the door.

When I tune into you I do not need to use cards or other tools.  I see your life path: past, present and give you choices for your future.  I give guidance  via my psychic perceptions. Spirit are able to come through to give messages and guidance.  My physical being 'dowses' as I follow the 'law of consequences' to give you insight. A Reading gives truly, far-reaching assistance to your problems.

Direct Channelled Connection
Life Coaching
Career Planning
Financial Guidance
Contact with departed loved ones and Guides
Health Check
Past Lives
Communication from Guides and Angels, with Christ’s love


Discover your higher self…and beyond. Meet with like-minded people. Discussion and sharing. Relax and de-stress. Connect to your spiritual pathway. Personal guidance from spirit.   Practicing meditation enhances psychic development. 

$20 per session 7.30-8.30pm ....Days to be advised

Children’s Meditation available 

One-on-One Guided Meditation available


  My book is an eclectic mix of various aspects of the psychic world.  You will read about some of my experiences, how I learned to develop psychically, readings I have given people and the ways spirit have come through and helped loved ones.  I hope this will inspire you to develop your own gifts and enable you to bring through spirit love and assistance in your life, so I have included information to guide you in your own development.  

~MEDITATION~ "Healing Journey"

Available as a Audio file.

Asclepius, the Greek father of medicine and surgery guided me to create this healing meditation. He leads you to the temple of healing where he and his practioners provide peace and reassurance while you their blissful healing energy. This is a beautiful experience.


Expand awareness with lectures & exercises.  Four, 3 hour workshops.

Part One - Foundation    History, ethics, protection, Symbols, how to open to spirit, Angels and Guides,  Develop a 'project' to work on with your Spiritual Mentor

Part Two - Energy    Psychometry, Crystals, Nature Devas.

Part Three - Healing     Chakras, healing modalities, Aura, Experience giving and receiving and giving healing

Part Four - Initiation of Mastery    A unique experience with your Guide.

one-to-one training $200 per session.


For people who have already undertaken psychic development 

How to receive accurate information for other people 

Build your confidence 

Working ethically with clients

Psychometry, Chakra Reading, Tuning into spirit guides, Past Lives, the Life Line, sensing health conditions, understanding symbols


Gain knowledge & self-protection 

Learn to meditate 

Make a collage of your guide or fairy 

Make a personal protection symbol 


An ideal way to have a get-together or to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding shower or baby shower

Minimum 2 hours.


Throw a party with a difference!  Invite your friends for an afternoon/evening of spirituality.  Have a special time together of sharing, creativity and spiritual growth.  Learn to meditate, meet your Guide, develop your intuition and receive a personal reading. Topics for the evening can be arranged to suit your needs.

Psychic Theatre ~ An Evening With Rose

Learn more about the spirit world and experience the peace and insight this can give you. 

 “I was so thrilled when Rose brought through messages from my little girl who passed away 4 years ago.  She gave me real proof saying that I had a lock of her hair.  I had said a prayer in the theatre while holding  a beautiful curl of my daughter hair.  I had asked for her to come through to let us know she is OK.  I am relieved to know that she is in heaven and visits us and is happy”  


A weekend at sea, sailing the beautiful Hauraki Gulf.  On board a fabulous 40ft Sloop, I will guide you in meditation and enable you to relax, tune into nature and be inspired.  Discover the energy and beauty of the dawn chorus on Tiritiri Matangi Island, home to many rare species of native birds.    Relax while the yacht harnesses the forces of nature and sails to different islands.  We hope to be joined by dolphins!  Fully catered, so relax, attune to the energy of nature and return to Auckland invigorated by the experiences and beauty of our Islands and sea life. 


As you would clean your home or place of work of dirt and debris, it is a really good idea to cleanse the build-up of negative energy from your environment with an Energy Clearing.  It is especially necessary if there has been a traumatic event or when disturbances are felt, or unwanted forces present themselves.  These can have an obstructive in all areas of life and a Clearing can restore Harmony and Balance in the home and to those who live there.