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Providing ethical psychic readings.  I work within the principals of integrity, compassion and personal safety. I believe it is important to work with an ethical code of conduct in my profession.  I have developed these principles to ensure that my practice is of the highest standard.

Supportive and practical.   We live in a challenging age.  My method is designed to give assistance with a commonsense approach to the problems of life.  Positive solutions to fit into the realities of today.

You are important. My client’s needs are the priority. My role is to give support and direction to secure life’s fullest opportunities

Comprehensive, integrated approach combining psychic insights, counselling and realising spiritual connections

Happiness. My psychic knowledge enables a beneficial and uplifting spiritual experience which releases the tensions of life to achieve a state of happiness.

Insightful, inspiring and in-depth exploration of knowledge which I glean beyond the five senses to help you achieve a fulfillment of life.

Caring. Attending to problems in a gentle, compassionate and respectful manner.

Empathy.I achieve a deep sense of walking in your world to facilitate an understanding of your life. Through this method I gain insight into your life path, so I can see past, present and future; to look at formative experiences and events which have shaped your current reality and sense choices which will create your future opportunities.

Trustworthy. Accurate and dependable insights conveyed in a positive way. I act as a communicator to pass on information to you in a positive manner and nothing is withheld.

Healing. Enabling you to move forward, with hope and encouragement from spiritual essence.

Intuitive.  I perceive information beyond normal, conscious sensitivity.

Confidential. Personal disclosures respected and privacy assured.  During the process of a reading, issues of a sensitive and personal nature may be shared. These are kept private. 

Spiritual. Feel the touch of divine intervention.  I start and conclude each reading with an appropriate prayer to ensure the spiritual contact is of the highest level and thus afford safety and protection.