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ROSE - International Clairvoyant Psychic & Therapist

I have studied Fine Arts, Art History, Ceramic Arts, Counselling, Channelling, Psychic Development, Healing and Learning Development systems.  

Following my graduation in Channelling through the London College of Psychic Studies (UK), I furthered this through the study of Person Centred Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Counselling and the Development of Learning Skills, Parenting Skills, Group Facilitation training, Spiritual Healing & Reiki.

I have a great interest in the spiritual context of world civilizations. My Art History studies afforded me the privilege of examining ancient artifacts, and inspired me to gain further understanding and to travel to different countries and experience their culture and heritage. Mythology and symbolism is a language which communicates directly to and from the collective unconscious mind of mankind and transcends time. Many of my Psychic Impressions are received via this system.

I work within the ethical framework as identified by Counselling Association Code of Ethics.

My belief in an holistic approach led me to the field of research and training, in which I gained international recognition.

I have trained people all over the world and was asked to deliver an address to the British Parliament select committee on Complementary Health, which I did a year before my return to New Zealand.

I am currently studying a Masters Degree and researching my practice.