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Grant's Proof

My son died suddenly in Paris at the end of August.  He was such a precious gift from God to me and it was such a devastating experience for me to lose him at the age of 36.  This is a story which I would like to share with you - to let you all know that although our dearly loved family members pass over, it is not the end and that their spirit and soul lives on - just in a very different way.

I had flown to San Francisco to be with my daughter and to have some time of healing and comfort for us both.  Her daughter had turn 1 and she had had a little party for her the week before my arrival. Left over from the party were two white balloons which had been filled with helium and which were still against the ceiling upstairs in her office.
About 5-6 days after my arrival I climbed the stairs to shower and dress.  I turned into the hallway to go to the bedroom and there was a white balloon bobbing ahead of me, at a height of about 6 ft 4 in - the height of my very tall son!  I followed the balloon into the bedroom, I showered and dressed and it was still bobbing and hovering around me.  I said "good morning Grant". It had certainly got my attention.  As I started to go out of the bedroom it bobbed in front of me and back down the hallway.  It turned left and past my granddaughters bedroom and into the bedroom of my grandson.  This grandson was my son's godson, although they had never met.  The balloon bobbed around in Alex's bedroom and it was at that stage that I called my daughter to come and see the antics of this balloon.  We laughed and cried and hugged each other, thinking that this was Grant's spirit come to uplift us.  The balloon finally settled above Alex's bed.  I went downstairs into the kitchen/family room area and started to tell the nanny, who was now feeding my granddaughter her bottle, all about this balloon when she said "here is your white balloon" and in came the white balloon to the family room.  We were now pretty amazed.  How does a balloon filled with helium come down the stairs?  The balloon again hovered all around us, came and actually touched me and then finally settled in the sun by the window.  My daughter had also come down the stairs to watch what was happening.
A few days later the second balloon left the ceiling in the office and spent a couple of days just drifting around in the hallway.  The day before I left to come back to New Zealand, I sat at the computer that I had been using every day and there was a white balloon by the keyboard - the other white balloon had settled itself in among the photos of Grant on my daughter's desk.  The balloons are still there - slightly deflated - but still there.
For us it was a message from Grant - from the other side - that he is near us, he made it happen, it was a fun thing to do, and that he has a strong spiritual connection to us and he is with us still to comfort us in our time of deep grief and distress.
I hope this gives someone some light and some hope - with much love - Robyn


I hope this gives someone some light and some hope - with much love - Robyn

A Father's Love

My mother had to pick my father up from the airport.  Unfortunately a dreadful hurricane had blown up, but regardless she braved the 16km journey driving all the way in 2nd gear.  All buses and taxis had been ordered off the road and Mum was concerned that Dad would have no other way of reaching home. Part way along the journey she came to a 'T' fork controlled by traffic lights, which were barely discernable.  Approaching this Mum had the green light and those on the side road were on red.  Part way across the intersection Mum felt guidance from an outer, but familiar source from childhood, and a touch on the hand warning her of danger.  She stopped and at that moment a car came out from her right ignored its red light and shot in front of her.  Stopping at this moment Mum avoided a side-on collision.  Afterwards when she was home safe and relaxed it dawned on her that her father was sitting in the passenger seat, guiding here the whole way, and his timely warning prevented a terrible accident.  My Grandfather was one of the earliest AA men and graduated in London just after the First World War.  At this time the Patrol Men only had cycles, but later on he graduated to a motorcycle and side car and then on to patrol vehicles.  He had a lifetime of experience in dealing with emergency situations and disasters.  He was the first man  in to deal with the terrible Lynton and Lynmouth Landslide where the rock face collapsed on the villages. A hurricane had brought down boulders onto the unsuspecting village people.  Even from spirit he was still acting as protector of his beloved daughter to avoid a terrible disaster.

Angelic Ben

  • My daughters friend had a lovely boyfriend who died in a car accident aged 16.  He was on his way to work early one morning and was killed in a head on car crash.  The shock waves echoed around the High schools and it seemed everyone was effected by his death.  I was asked to do a reading and as I connected to him he was there immediately.  How I described him was exactly as people knew him.  A delightful, generous, compassionate young man.  He said that he has become a guardian angel for his friends and family.  The following week would have been his 17th birthday, so I asked my meditation group to tune into him and send him love on his birthday.  One of the group  members saw him particularly clearly, crouched next to me, and full of appreciation and admiration.  Driving home that night she heard his voice shout out "STOP!" Just as she screeched to a halt, a car did a U turn in front of her.  She is sure this young man saved her life that night.  

Another achievement of his, was to enable the roses to sprout which I had been given in appreciation of the reading. He truly is a pure and beautiful spirit.    He told me that he is a guide for his friends, and his role is to protect them.  More recently he prevented another of his friends from a certain tragedy.  She had an accident when her car hit a tree.  Everyone was amazed that she was not seriously injured.  The car was badly damaged, but she came out without a scratch.  They all thought she was lucky - lucky indeed to have Ben as her Guardian Angel.

Extra Terrestrial New Zealand

  • The last reading had been so involved that I had run over on my appointments and was running 10 minutes late for the next booking. I looked at the booking form for the next name appointment.

The person who came and sat down had bright copper coloured hair and wore a sky blue jacket. I was immediately fascinated because of her appearance and also I am sure she had been a man. She started with a sense of excitedness and speed, and couldn’t wait for me to begin as she was awaiting a message, and had been guided to me.

She explained with enthusiasm that she travelled the world performing rituals to attune the portals of the planet! She had just jumped on board a plane from Denver, Colorado at the request of spirit and was in New Zealand to carry out a series of attunements to this sacred country.

The following is what I passed on to her from spirit… “When you meditate it’s as if you go off in a spaceship and travel to another galaxy. However, what actually happens is that your molecular pattern disintegrates and reassembles into another structure, which is able to be sensitive to, and communicate with, beings from other dimensions. They are androgynous beings who are tall and luminous and speak to you telepathically. You have been able to do this since you were a small child and it made you feel apart from other children. Thank goodness for when Science Fiction TV programmes came along, it gave you a sense of acceptance. You have been of tremendous help to spirit and have worked all over the world. The places I am getting for your attunements are: a beach in Northland (Spirits Bay probably), Rotorua, Lake Taupo, Wanganui River, Marlborough Sounds and a cave in the Southern Alps. Triangulate these and it will make sense.”

After the reading I realised that I had only mentioned six place names and I often wonder if she was able to make sense of the seventh one. The attunements I saw and heard her doing were of a ritual involving crystals, chanting and the hypnotic sounds of a flute. She was very excited at this message and said her goodbyes, as she went off to carry out her quest. I often wonder how she got on.

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