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"We sometimes forget that all humans are psychic beings. Rose channelled me to the spirit guides who revealed my goal, which enabled me to achieve it"
Andrew Lamont: Creator of intellectual property Yayoi
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"That was mind-blowing"  Ange attended Psychic Development Course August 2005

"Your words of wisdom did the trick...again"  Pam

"Starting a new business is exciting and scary.  Initially you have to be a jack-of-all-trades, then employ staff, and then  delegate. Rose gave me clarity through all the developments of my new business where to develop, when to be cautious and I see her as an integral part of my business team.  She has provided me with valuable insight and helped me avoid pitfalls.  She is a valuable personal and business resource.  She has helped me to see where my life is heading and to get the most out of it."                    Pam Martin Managing Director www.extramiletraining.co.nz

"In the reading you saw that all the properties in my rental portfolio were excellent except one.  This 'bad apple' had been vacant for months.  I was even considering selling it, but the Estate Agent was scared off during his inspection when he heard footsteps in the house, and he was the only one in there.  You attributed this to the spirit of the last owner not allowing anyone else residency, as he was still seeing this as his property.  After you came and did the clearing, the house rented and has not been vacant ever since."  Jennifer   

"It was an absolutely amazing experience today. I took a moment to reflect and make notes after the session. Everything you said was accurate and clear. You've helped me to be more confident in the steps I am about to take and that's what I was after. You have a very precious gift and I am very grateful that you are sharing it."  Lucia   


  • The last reading had been so involved that I had run over on my appointments and was running 10 minutes late for the next booking. I looked at the booking form for the next name appointment.

The person who came and sat down had bright copper coloured hair and wore a sky blue jacket. I was immediately fascinated because of her appearance and also I am sure she had been a man. She started with a sense of excitedness and speed, and couldn’t wait for me to begin as she was awaiting a message, and had been guided to me.

She explained with enthusiasm that she travelled the world performing rituals to attune the portals of the planet! She had just jumped on board a plane from Denver, Colorado at the request of spirit and was in New Zealand to carry out a series of attunements to this sacred country.

The following is what I passed on to her from spirit… “When you meditate it’s as if you go off in a spaceship and travel to another galaxy. However, what actually happens is that your molecular pattern disintegrates and reassembles into another structure, which is able to be sensitive to, and communicate with, beings from other dimensions. They are androgynous beings who are tall and luminous and speak to you telepathically. You have been able to do this since you were a small child and it made you feel apart from other children. Thank goodness for when Science Fiction TV programmes came along, it gave you a sense of acceptance. You have been of tremendous help to spirit and have worked all over the world. The places I am getting for your attunements are: a beach in Northland (Spirits Bay probably), Rotorua, Lake Taupo, Wanganui River, Marlborough Sounds and a cave in the Southern Alps. Triangulate these and it will make sense.”

After the reading I realised that I had only mentioned six place names and I often wonder if she was able to make sense of the seventh one. The attunements I saw and heard her doing were of a ritual involving crystals, chanting and the hypnotic sounds of a flute. She was very excited at this message and said her goodbyes, as she went off to carry out her quest. I often wonder how she got on.

  • “I feel really great after the reading, a real peace and calm and immense amount of energy. It was so wonderful to connect with my Great-grandmother and my thoughts have been with her ever since the reading. When I was little, I crawled into her bedroom and pinched her sweets. She said that I was a naughty girl. It was the last thing I remember of her before she died. She was special to me and it was a horrible way to part. Now that I know that we are not apart, I feel very different… I just had to let you know.”

  • Due to the low energy I sensed in the home of another client, which was affecting her and her family as well, I asked Jesus to shine his light into the house.

She was really uplifted after the reading and the feeling was still with her one week later! Also her house had a wonderful energy in it after this clearing and she could feel Jesus caring for her and her family. I learned this from her friend who was so moved that she phoned for a reading as well.

  • Another reading I did for a lady with young children brought up a number of issues around inter-family dynamics.

I sensed that her own little baby was also her half brother reincarnated. Not being sure how this information would impact on her, I asked spirit for guidance before I shared this with her. They said, “she already guesses”. I told her this and she said it confirmed her own feelings. I also perceived that her mother, who had adopted her, unconsciously sensed that this was the baby that years before she had miscarried and this is why she was keeping her distance from the new baby.

It was bringing up old issues of grief, which she had not yet fully resolved. This made a great deal of sense for the young mum.

  • The last reading of a weekend fair in a rural community of the North Island proved to be very revealing. In her dreams my sitter is a guide for babies and children from her soul group. When any of these children die in their sleep, she finds the little souls and scoops them up and takes them safely in her arms to the awaiting loved ones and family on the other side. She does this in her astral body. I told her this is why she wakes from sleep so tired, and that she needs to develop her spiritual awareness more consciously through meditation.

I did not sense that she would give birth to any of her own children, but would be carer to many, and would probably marry a man who was a solo dad. A week or so after this reading my daughter insisted that I listen to a song on the radio and as I listened to the lyrics, “If I die before I wake, as least in heaven I will stay.” I told her this story, and she said they are probably babies who die in a cot death. This seemed to make sense. What a sad and touching little scene. 

  • I did readings for 3 members of one family at another rural weekend fair, but the most amusing and touching of them was for the father. He announced as he sat down in front of me, that he was an open-minded sceptic. I formed an immediate link with his father and grandfather who were very excited to be able to communicate with him at last.

Much information came through which was accurate for this man, such as the farm being handed down through the family. They said that he channels them as he works with his hands on the farm. (This is a very practical application of psychism.) He was amazed at this and half way through asked me to stop so he could look behind the screen, he was convinced there was someone behind telling me this information. I laughed and said yes, it is your father and grandfather. He was incredulous as his grandfather died when he was 1 year old.

The last piece of information, which came from his grandfather, was to remind him of the time he saved him from drowning. When all this was over he insisted on checking underneath the table, he thought an electrical device was hidden there! The following morning he came back to tell me that he felt a current of electricity all around him during the reading. Also he had remembered as a boy that he had gone out of his depth in the sea. While struggling he was mysteriously flipped back into shallow water.

He was moved to tears when recalling this. I told him that he had come back from the near death experience with Psychic abilities. His guides really love this man and insisted on telling me to say several times “You are a good father”.

  • What an amazing reading discovering my sitter had a past life as a man who had been involved in the war effort as a spy, working on the enigma code! Much information came through about the submarines, and navigating Atlantic, sonar and Morse code. I saw a German uniform that he had worn during this time and in due course we are hopeful that we can identify it.

  • A lady I did a reading for is a singer and much information came through about the healing effect of music. Her Angel identified herself as Harmony, and she was told about how music attunes the chakras giving rise to the kundalini effect.

I was shown her past life as a Tibetan Monk using the Temple Bells to attune the healing energy of the earth by using the natural mountainous geography of the summit to act as a ‘singing bowl’. She asked after a friend who had passed over. He is well, happy and playing the guitar with Jimmy Hendrix! He is working with Fender, one of the early electric guitars designers of the 1950’s. What a delightful scene seeing this man sitting under a tree with Jimi Hendrix playing music with Jimi’s purple satin shirt sleeves billowing.

That evening she had the best band practise ever and the following morning woke up to find seven birds in her kitchen. These are the closest energy in our dimension to angels and spirit will often send them as messengers of their love.

  • It was a great honour to give a reading to a true humanitarian and Mayoral candidate recently. I connected with a great friend of his who gave his appreciation for his wake and said thanks for the wine! I got as guides for him ‘Uncle Tiberius” who connects on the level of fun and socialising, “Claude” and artist who was inspired by light, and Churchill the great statesman who whispers wonderful words in his ear. This man said he often had words suddenly pop into his head, which Churchill spoke. He found the reading very moving and uplifting.

  • A lady came to me asking about her father. I connected to him and said that there would be a smokescreen if she were to try to find him. I said instead use the money to visit the place you always wanted to go. “Austria?” She said, “No” came the answer, “Florence”, “Oh I’ve always wanted to go there”. All of the reading was channelled by her mother who loved singing and I heard her singing all the way through.

At the end this lovely Italian lady signed off by singing “Mama Mia, here I go again, How could I forget you” an Abba song. This was one of my sitter’s favourite songs. She went away resolved to visit Florence, and greatly uplifted.

  • A man came to me for a reading recently at a fair, and I connected with his guides, and very interesting they are too! They are Copernicus, a Sirian naming himself as ‘T3’ and a dolphin.

Copernicus said he is thanking you for protecting him from being accused of heresy as a result of the discovery of the earth being part of a system of planets orbiting the sun. During a past life my sitter had been a man of the cloth who protected Copernicus from the churches' condemnation.

Following this reading I looked up the life of Copernicus in the library, and sure enough I found that two priests had in fact protected this man, who lived 500 years ago from persecution and possible execution by the church!


  • I have had many referrals sent to me by one lady who was ecstatically happy over her reading. At the beginning of the reading I asked her to pick up an angel card. The one she turned over said, “birth”. I asked her if it meant anything to her and she replied “Yes that’s why I’m here”.

I was amazed to see this card again. The last time anyone had turned it up was me, 7 years ago when I was pregnant (within days) with my own son. She held on to this card so tightly during the reading, it has now faded! I was really privileged to witness a beautiful golden light with a shimmering pink aura coming down on the right side of the lady during the reading. I perceived this to be baby energy entering her. I told her that she was pregnant now and I asked her to phone me with the results of the pregnancy test. I heard from her within a half-hour of the reading and she informed me that it was negative. Two further tests proved negative results, but the following test, some 5 or 6 weeks later, revealed that she was in fact expecting! Subsequent tests revealed that she was 6 weeks pregnant and that she would have conceived only a day or two prior to the reading! She is delighted, as she now has a baby girl, which she has named Rose.

  • As a survivor of Breast Cancer I joined the Dragon Boat team “Busting With Life”. The paddlers are all women who have survived Breast Cancer. We are all too aware that we also represent our sisters who have not survived.

One such dear lady came through when I read for her daughter. She was very clear with her messages telling her daughter that she was to become a teacher. The daughter was adamant that she did not want to do so, but that was what her mother always said. I agreed that she would make a fabulous teacher, and this would be the preferred option to travel in her immediate future, as it would give her a sense of foundation and stability, something she had not had since her mother had died four years prior.

Her Mother also carried a message to me. “You are not to give up Dragon Boating. It publicises the need for early detection, which can save lives,” was her message. I was very moved and shall take it up again next season with a renewed sense of purpose and support. What a dear and compassionate mother. This reading was within days of my birthday, as well as my clients, and I am so grateful to have had two birthdays since my diagnosis. My own dear children are so precious and I thank God for each new day with them and my family.

  • People often ask why God lets children be born into a troubled situation. This question was answered by spirit during a reading for a person who worked with babies. We were told simply that God is not always consulted or acknowledged upon the issue of incarnating souls. Often a soul is incarnated regardless of its having integrated its spiritual karmic lessons. It appeared like a soul being snatched before its time, and brought into conception. There are many soul groups who are responsible for the process of nurturing and educating a baby spirit and there is a process of preparation for that baby’s soul.

I sometimes work as a telephone reader for an 0900 company. The phone rings and there I am connected to the caller with 15 minutes maximum to help the person. Very often they only need to say their name and I am tuned into their energy and able to perceive their situation.

A caller wanted to know about his son who was about to enter a Formula One motor race in Australia and he wanted to know which car his son should drive and in what position he would finish.

Suddenly I was in a dynamic red car racing around the track. I could smell the racing fuel and the interior of the car. The adrenalin was intense and the feeling of power and speed was unbelievably and totally exciting. I was flying around the track, passing other cars and suddenly I was crossing the finish line and saw only one other car in front of me.

I related this to the man. He phoned me back a few days later and told me that his son did drive the red car and came second! He was ecstatic with his sons’ success and very grateful indeed. I will never forget the thrill of that race.This man has gone on to win race after race. Who knows one day we may even see him racing for New Zealand!

  • I arrived at the Spiritualist Church to give an evening of Clairvoyance and was standing at the door. An American Indian man walked in and said “Hello, you are looking well, Rose.” I was rather taken aback as I had not seen him before and he knew me by name! I gave several messages for members of the group and was drawn to this man.

His manna was extensive. I felt drawn to view the world as a globe and saw him travelling performing healing for people and the planet. I felt a connection with a dear friend of his who was considering passing over, and suddenly was observing him hovering on a prayer rug beside a magnificent waterfall. He seemed to be undertaking an agreement with the Great Spirit that he would be caretaker for this beautiful place once his spirit was freed from his body. He seemed to be greatly attached physically to the planet and The Great Spirit agreed, as it felt the depth of pain this man was in at the thought of leaving custody of this sacred place to the reckless and money hungry.

He agreed to become spiritual caretaker for the ecology of his ancestral lands – a Guide. The Indian man agreed all this and after the session came up to me and thanked me for the messages. He said, “You truly do walk in Beauty. I am honoured.” He bowed …and was gone.

I had the opportunity of reading again for this man some 6 months later. By this time his friend was indeed in spirit.  He showed me his land with a great gathering of vultures, hovering, waiting. He instructed me to tell his friend to gather all the friends together as "the battle isn’t over yet". His friend confirmed this as meaning the tribe was being pushed yet again to move off their tribal homeland. Plans were afoot for further exploitation of the natural resources.

  • A tragedy occured within my own circle. The sister of my daughters friend had a lovely boyfriend who died in a car accident aged 16.  He was on his way to work early one morning and was killed in a head on car crash.  The shock waves echoed around the High schools and it seemed everyone was effected by his death.  I was asked to do a reading and as I connected to him he was there immediately.  How I described him was exactly as people knew him.  A delightful, generous, compassionate young man.  He said that he has become a guardian angel for his friends and family.  The following week would have been his 17th birthday, so I asked my meditation group to tune into him and send him love on his birthday.  One of the members saw him particularly clearly, crouched next to me, and full of appreciation and admiration.  Driving home that night she heard his voice shout out "STOP!" Just as she screeched to a halt, a car did a U turn in front of her.  She is sure this young man saved her life that night.  

Another achievement of his, was to enable the roses to sprout which I had been given in appreciation of the reading. He truly is a pure and beautiful spirit.

  • Some years ago my daughter was very sick with a mystery illness.  She had been sick for a fortnight with a high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea.  She was admitted to hospital and undertook tests.  Nothing was found out of order, but they scheduled her for appendectomy the following day.  They would open her up and have a look and while they were in there, remove the appendix.  I was horrified.  Surgery, because they couldn't think of anything else to do.  I closed the curtain of the cubicle and tuned in.  I saw a purple-grey swollen lump in her lower abdomen.  I visualised a sieve and drew it through the area several times, till it seemed clear.  The following morning they came to prep her for surgery, and were astonished to find her temperature normalised.  Upon further tests she was fit, healthy and asking for food.  They were amazed.  The surgery was cancelled and she was discharged!